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Start SMM Business with our beautiful SMM Panel script. Whether your business is established or new, This SMM Panel Script will make it grow.

Unique features to boost your SMM panel
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Fastest Script

Our Script is lightweight and will increase the speed of the website.

Multiple Payment Methods

Most common payment methods are already integrated and ready to use.

Supports Multiple API

Connect as many APIs as you want for automated order processing.

Awesome Features

Our SMM Panel Script has Various unique features that various SMM panels don't have.

And Many More...

SMM Panel



$ 149.99
Unlimited Orders
6 Months Updates
1 Month Support
Domain Licensed
regular Updates

What our clients say

My smm panel was created and is managed in a cool way, thanks.
Sarah Smith
SMM Panel Owner
All the features work beautifully. Specially the API automatic sync and refill button.
Craig Sams
CEO @ SMM Store.
Superb panel, easy to manage and work. Works smoothly and my orders are always processed.
Simon Lee
BHW SMM Panel Owner.
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Frequently asked questions

How to start a smm panel?

To start your SMM panel, all you need is a domain and a service provider. Once you have these two, you will need an SMM panel that can send orders from your SMM panel to the service provider's SMM panel. You can try MXZ SMM panel script to do this. MXZ's SMM panel script supports API and can send orders automatically to your service provider. Start your SMM panel business with MXZ today.

Can I buy views, likes and subs from your platform?

MXZ is a platform allowing you to start your own business, and has everything that your business needs to grow.

What is MXZ SMM Panel?

MXZ SMM Panel is a platform that allows you to create SMM panels for starting your own business. Our panels have a user-friendly interface and many automated processes, which, as a result, simplifies their use by both administrators and customers. Also, you always have the opportunity to customize the panel according to your preferences.

Where can I find providers?

To make it easier for you to get started, we provide the ability to easily import services from our partner panels to those created by you. Thus, they will be the first provider of SMM services for you. In addition, you can always connect an unlimited number of third-party providers to your panel by finding them on specialized web resources.

Are all types of SMM services allowed for sale through panels?

We do not allow panel administrators to sell spam services of any kind. Moreover, in some countries, spamming services are illegal, so selling them can lead to serious legal problems for everyone involved. A complete rejection of such services eliminates unnecessary risks.

Do I need to use my own domain name?

Yes, you need your own domain. But we are working on making it convenient for you to buy a domain directly from the MXZ interface soon.

Do I need web hosting?

No, you don't need hosting. All plans comes with Free Secured Cloud hosting. You can also use your own Hosting for Lifetime Scripts.

Can I become a service provider for other panels?

All panels have an API that allows you to become a service provider for other panels. This feature enables you to scale your business and generate even more profits.

Do you return the money?

We do not refund money after the product is downloaded or the panel is used for the current subscription. However the remaining balance in your account can be refunded if you stopped the subscription.


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