Installation service fee

No, For Installation We never charge any fee.

Which host provider do you recommend for MXZ Panels?

We prefer to host with Godaddy, A2hosting, Bluehost, Etc  or you can choose Shared hosting From any providers

Free Or Cheap Hostings Like Namecheap Or Hostinger doesnt support Our script

We do provide High speed hosting with SSD server on request. Contact us

What are the requirements for MXZ Panels?

You need to have a domain name with a linux hosting with atleast these specifications:

(most shared hostings have these specifications)

Server - Apache/Nginx
ionCube Loader
PHP Version >= 7.1
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension
Mod Rewrite Enabled

Can I use this platform in more than one domain?

With one purchase code you can use it on one domain name. You need to get Reseller license to install in multiple domains.

If I have a regular license. Is it possible to upgrade directly to Extended License?

Yes, it is possible. In this case, you should contact with us.

What is the difference between Regular License and Reseller License?

  1. Regular License: You can use it to create ‘an’ application item(one same item)

  2. Reseller License: You can use it to create multiple application and ‘sell it for charge to others through Payment system (Paypal, Stripe) (multiple persons as Saas).

What PHP framework MXZ Panels are built on?

We are using PHP and Laravel Framwork.