Hi, here today you are going to start a journey to the world of online business. If you have a fire in you to do something of your own if you don't like...

Hi, here today you are going to start a journey to the world of online business. If you have a fire in you to do something of your own, if you don’t like spend your whole life between your home and office, then, of course, you should think about online business seriously. The only infrastructure required is your laptop/desktop and an Internet connection.

Yes! It looks weird but really an online business can make your dream true. It’s not the only way but the best way for me to do business. You are your own boss. But it’s not easy to get succeed. It doesn’t matter that you are putting 2 hours daily are you consistent with your efforts. It really matters that you do something daily for your business.

One day I was sitting and thinking that I am working an 8-30 to 5-30 job, how much time I can give to my business. I go deep down in my thinking and found that after 7 pm at my home I am FREE. How can I utilize this time from 7 pm to 11 pm? I found that I have almost 3 hours for my business excluding 30 minutes workout on my treadmill and 30 minutes dinner time.

Of course, you have to live without your favourite TV shows. Can you? I am doing so I believe you can also do. Why? Simple… I am following my dreams. Go after your dreams. Don’t let them go away.

You should bookmark this page as it will definitely take some more time to grasp all information.

Today you will learn to setup your own online business. It’s all explained step by step. Every step is very crucial in your success.

Today you will be able to REBOOT your Internet Business Model to the path of ultimate SUCCESS.

Do you know what is the more important factor in online business? It’s building your subscribers base. Your earning will depend on how many subscribers you have on your list. Don’t be confused if you find unable to relate to subscribers or list. I will go in detail in the following modules.

Do you know what will make you crazy to build a list?

Simple Answer…

If you have a crazy method to monetize your list.

Only Crazy things can attract Craziness. It’s looking a weird sentence. But it’s true.

If you have a list of 10000 subscribers, how will you monetize it?

You may read following sentence a lot of time…

Ok, now you know how to build your list. You can keep promoting anything you like to your customers. Mail 3000-6000 random targeted opt-in subscribers and keep all the profits with you.

But I never read there what to promote to these hungry subscribers. Which types of products I should promote to my list?

I will share the Guru’s secrets which can make you definitely a successful Internet Business Owner.

This is a big secret as just consider if you have 10 top quality product to promote your list.

But what will you promote after that?

You have a big list but you don’t know how to and what to keep promoting to my list daily, week after week and year after year.

From where you will get new products daily to promote your hungry subscribers?

Will you create these products yourself.

I just want to aware you that if you plan to create a new product from yourself then it will cost you in thousands of dollars.

Sorry, but it can’t be assured that if it will be a quality product in demand which will make you some money.

Please don’t think that PLR will solve this problem. Most of the PLR is not even considered free to give away products to build your list.

So what is the solution which can make you a successful Internet Business Owner?

What if I share with you exactly what I am selling, what I am promoting, which squeeze page and secret product I used to build a huge list of targeted subscribers.

Ooh, the main important question from your side may be that how did you create your website. Are you a web designer?

Yes! Today you will learn the unique top-secret methods blended with my experience showing how I am doing all this. You can exactly copy this to start your own successful Internet Business.

make money online

Easy Cash Internet Business Model Structure

The basic Internet business model is built around these building blocks

  1. You should have an Idea/product to sell
  2. You should have a website to promote your product
  3. You should have targeted traffic to your site
  4. You should have a powerful mechanism to capture your leads.
  5. You are monetizing your website either by selling or advertising.

‘Easy Cash Internet Business Model’ is also built around these basic building blocks but in its own unique way. Following are the modules which are independent but are linked to each other defining the ‘Easy Cash Internet Business Model.

Easy Cash Internet Business Model has the following modules.

  • List Building Basics – Building Website/Squeeze page + OTO
  • List Building on Steroids: The Guru’s TOP SECRET revealed
  • How to cash your List without any product?
  • How to have a bunch of top quality products in your basket in a day just for pennies for massive profits?
  • Earn a passive income from your growing list: The Guru’s Top SECRET METHOD.
  • Follow My Top Secret Road map to be a successful Internet Business Owner (my best passive income method till now)
  • SEO – How to Get Free Targeted Traffic to Your Website (My favourite methods)
  • Recommended Tools and Resources
  • The other way of doing business online

Module 1: List Building Basics – Building Website/Squeeze page + OTO

I have Built My List from Scratch to Over 3000 Optins In A Few Weeks! Then I grew it over 15000 in next 45 days without investing a single penny. And now it’s growing continuously without lifting a finger.

When I talk here for building a list from scratch is super easy, it means that anyone new to the Internet business can build. This is a super copy & paste method and not just a theory like other Internet Gurus teach.

You will learn top-secret methods to grow your list from scratch. But here I am sharing the complete Easy Cash Internet Business Model. You will learn Guru’s top-secret methods to monetize your list.

This is the core and can say raw material for your online business. If it is being supplied then the business is alive. The most important part of your business is list building.

I will take you to every single challenge I faced to establish an online business. You required a website selling a product or capturing your leads. Below I have explained the whole concept to build a list from scratch. You will find all the tools and techniques which should be used to build your list.


First of all, you required a squeeze page which you will use to get traffic on. A squeeze page is a web page or can say a small website, which will be used to promote your product on the Internet.

What actually required to create a sales page?

Read carefully…

  • A real product which can help to solve your prospect's problem otherwise why people will subscribe to your list to download your product?
  • Require a good domain name. I always buy my domains from NameCheap. My current domain ‘instaraja.com’ is from Namecheap. But later I realized I did a good thing as I can create more than 5 sub-domains on my whole account. You don’t need to bother with sub-domain now, but in future when you would like to expand your business, it can play a vital role. Since then I always registered my domains from NameCheap. NameCheap is the best domain name provider. Please name your domain which can at least represent your niche like ‘your-blogging-topic.com’. Thus domain refers that the site is somehow related to that blogging topic. You can also go with a brand name like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify etc. I always prefer short names but having some meaning or my keywords in its name as I am not going to make a Facebook, I just want some traffic to my website and I will do only those things which will help me to achieve my target – some good targeted traffic. It will really be tough to get a domain name with one or two words. I tried a lot but always failed. Luckily If you find then grab it. But if you didn’t find go for two or three words domain names like https://instaraja.com or https://microsoft.com. You should always consider a domain name without hyphen like https://instaraja.com. Never use more than 2 hyphens in your domain name if you are unable to find a domain without hyphens.
  • Require a good web host. I do a lot of research and found A2hosting. You can read my full review on A2hosting. This is one of the best hosts for blogs and small to middle businesses. You won’t get any complaint from A2hosting.
  • A sales templates or can say Html/CSS page, which you can use to put your content and represent it in a professional way resulting in the maximum subscribers. You can also create a squeeze page from your own or can outsource it. But the best way is if you have a good template with a great design where you can put your content and your autoresponder code and rest of the things are handled by the template.
  • Use Squeeze Page Templates to create brilliant squeeze pages.
  • Use the Premium WordPress theme to create world-class Corporate-Style pages, Squeeze pages, Sales pages, Real & Evergreen Product Launch pages, Thank You pages, Legal pages, and any kind of Landing pages.


OTO stands for One Time Offer. It is trying to monetize your fresh lead on the spot while they are being subscribed. When a potential user wants to get your free stuff i.e. to see your squeeze page and got interested in your free offer. He just inputs his name and email address and clicks on the submit button, a new page appears offering something highly valuable to your subscriber.

Take the following actions to understand the full concept.

  • Just submit your name and email address.
  • Now you will get a confirmation email, open your mail-box and click on the confirmation link.
  • You will be directed to a page (OTO1) offering you to download 250 master resale rights products for only $19. You will find your download link on the bottom of the page.
  • When you click on the link ‘No thank you, I will pass on…’ on the bottom of the page, you will be directed to a page (OTO2) offering 100 resale rights products only for $9.
  • You can buy any of these two offers at the lowest price.
  • Now if you click on the link ‘No thank you, I will pass on…’ on the bottom of the page of second OTO, you will be directed to a thank you page referring you to check your mail for the download link.

Now your website is ready to capture the leads, what’s next?

Now you required traffic for your website. I want you as much relaxed as will keep you fresh and motivate you to start. Though getting traffic is not a task you can accomplish withing a day. I mean it’s not a task you just do it and it got finished. It’s an ongoing process.

email optin

Though today here I am to reveal my best way to getting the real targeted traffic. Following key points will reveal the process in detail.

  • Start a WordPress self-hosted blog like this. I would strongly recommend you to install WordPress Manually as explained here.
  • Write at least 3 posts each month. It’s a very realistic approach. I am not saying you to write 1 post daily. I am saying to write 1 post in 10 days.
  • Place advertisement links on your site which will take users to your squeeze page.
  • Don’t buy a paid advertisement until you didn’t spend 1 year in your online business. I have tested a lot of paid advertisement but nothing works. Stay away till you don’t get some experience. In fact, with time, you will know that the best traffic is free traffic from Google.

Module 2: List Building on Steroids: Ad Swapping – The Guru’s TOP SECRET Revealed


You should always continue with the above method to build your list. That is must to have a basic level of subscribers base. Before continuing to these advance techniques, you should have around 300 subscribers in your list.


With the blogging method, you will be getting 5 to 6 subscribers daily if you have 100 visitors daily. We know money makes money. Then obviously subscribers can make subscribers. How, If you mutually partnership with someone who has a list of your size or of bigger size and you both will advertise to each others list. A very good idea! Find how practically I am doing this and will work for you also.

  • Prepare a high converting squeeze page like 24 Hour Cash Injection. Buy it from here. It will make a huge impact on the success of this campaign.
  • Prepare a mail which will send you to your partner’s list
  • Now send this email to your partner to send to his list. The winning factor is at what time you want to shoot your email to your partner’s list. I prefer to shoot my emails on Monday at 9 am. Why? Because we all almost transform our mind for working and I always try to check my emails on Monday morning. Though you can set a different time as per your geography. But please take this step seriously and decide a time and day for this.

Same steps your partner will also follow. Basically, you both are advertisement to your list but these ads are swapped – you are sending your partner’s ad to your list and your partner is sending your add to his list and you both will be benefited.

Now, what happened when your email is shot to a list containing your unique offer. Some will click and some will subscribe.

If you partner with someone who has a list of around 300 subscribers then you should expect 3% conversion if you have a good offer. So you can expect around 10 subscribers will subscribe to your list. You need to find such 10 partners and your list will be exploded with new subscribers.

Ad swapping is the best way to build a huge subscribers base. You can find a partner for ad swap here. Ad swapping does not require you to invest any money but required some time to build relationship with other marketers so that they can agree with you for ad swap.

Once you master this method, you can’t be stopped from earning money online. Building a huge list of around more than 50k will take a lot of time if you don’t do it properly as revealed above. Just be motivated always to find a new partner online publisher.

Ad Swap – Email Format

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Now in a situation, If you don’t have a good subscribers base or you have to build a list from scratch with this method then will this method work? It will work with just a little change. You know there is nothing free. Now you will have to pay some money to your partner to send an ad to his list. This is called a solo ad service.

Solo Ad – Format


How would you like to have a SIX to SEVEN figure a year internet business, putting money in your bank account even when you sleep?

See, there are two types of internet marketers:

1)The Strugglers:
Those who are working 10 or 15 hrs a day and still making nothing(or so little that it cannot support their families)…Over 95% IMers belong to this category.

2)The Achievers:
Then there are less than 5% who are making big money online…These are the lucky few who found a right MENTOR in the very early stage of their IM career and were able to quit the corporate “rat race” right away.

In fact, there are hundreds of IMers who are making $100,000+ or even $1,000,000+ A Year, all from the comfort of their homes, and working just a few hours a day.

You Can grab this proven millionaire-maker from the link below: https://yourdomain.com/that-method

There is no hard and fast rule of having different ad format for ad swap and solo ads. What ever format you feel is looking good and convert well for your offer, pick that one for both type of marketing.

Module 3: How to Cash Your List without any Product


Building a list is and creating a product are two different games in online success. Either of anyone you have, you will definitely succeed. But if you have both – a targeted list and a hot successful product, nobody can’t stop you from being a successful online entrepreneur.

affiliate marketing

But I have a different scenario for a long term success. Creating a product can be a real tough challenge. And if you created something, then what next you will promote to your list. You need to promote continuously to your list if you want to make serious money from your list.

Now the million dollar question is how can I create so many products to promote continuously?

You can’t. But you can partnership with someone who has an established successful product. This is called affiliate marketing. You can be an affiliate marketer to a product which has an affiliate plan. What is an affiliate plan? It’s a plan setup by product owner where he disclosed all the rules and regulation and the profit margin for an affiliate.

Read this affiliate plan carefully and decide if you can promote this product to your list. In affiliate marketing, your success will depend on your selection of the product. Your focus should be on selecting those products which are related to your niche. If you are in the Internet marketing niche then you should not choose health products to promote your list.

There are so many affiliate networks where you can find products to promote. Few of these are…

  1. Clickbank – sell digital products
  2. Share a Sale – sell different types of products from different niches
  3. commission junction – sell all types of products

But there is also some negative effect of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing depends on the client’s browser cookie. Your affiliate id will be stored inside a cookie on prospect’s machine. Many of the affiliate networks only allow 1 month or 2-month cookie duration.

If someone clicks on your affiliate link then your affiliate id will be stored in a cookie and if that did not purchase within a defined time (1 or 2 months), the cookie will expire and you will not get any commission. But in most cases, if someone interested in a product, will not take such a long time in purchasing.

Affiliate marketing is an art. Following are the key steps involved in setting up a successful affiliate marketing business…

  • The most important phase is selecting a niche
  • The next phase is selecting the best converting products.
  • It will be really helpful if you first test those products yourself and then publish the actual review.
  • Start a blog and promote those on your blog

If you really want to take a serious step in affiliate marketing then read this how to create an Amazon affiliate website.

There are various method/service through which you can earn affiliate commission. These conditions are set by merchants.

  • Generating Lead for merchant: Here you will be paid if someone going to the affiliate site through your affiliate link and register theirs through a contact form.
  • By selling product: Here you will be paid a percentage of the overall sale. You will find various products which are paying at least 50% commission.
  • By sending traffic to merchant site: Here you will have to send traffic to merchant site from your site. Not need to sell anything


  • Work Globally: You can promote throughout the world. You just required a website. Promote only those products which you feel are genuine and add some value to the end-user. Check my this passive income website promoting an affiliate offer which has a genuine product and great affiliate program. My focus is always promoting those products which really provide enormous value to its customers.
  • Low investment: Affiliate marketing is the best form of Internet marketing. You don’t need to care about product development, maintenance, managing/recruiting employees, delivering or customer support. You only need to drive the traffic to the merchant’s website.
  • Free Joining: You can join any affiliate program without paying any fee.
  • Passive income: Just set up your website and promote it till you don’t get succeed to place on Google first page. Now you will start earning income just for a little maintenance work. This is the real form of passive income.
  • Home-based business: You don’t need to go anywhere to work. Just get a laptop and Internet connection and hang on to your business.
  • Low Risk: This is the great benefit of having an affiliate marketer. You are on the lowest risk side. Your risk is only putting some effort into writing some blog post and promoting it. If you find some response then only double your effort otherwise look for some other affiliate program.

Module 4: How to have a bunch of top quality products in your basket in a day just for pennies for massive profits?

In this way you have really good established products then you can set up your own affiliate program on these networks and can prepare an affiliate force which will be selling your products and thus you can realize the power of affiliate marketing. It’s a game-changer for both the parties.


Module 5: Earn massive income from your growing list: The Guru’s Top SECRET METHOD


In the starting, I was promoting my own products to earn money but the earning was low as there were limited products in my baskets. Then I started searching for good affiliate networks where I can find really valuable products which I can sell for a good profit.

I shared a few affiliate network with you like Clickbank, share a sale, CJ which are really good and I used. But I have to search a lot on these networks for the latest and greatest products. One big problem was also being costly.

Then eventually I find Warriorforum, where you will find a high-quality offer for a low price. Basically, marketers create their products and launch on WSO Pro for a special price. These are called warrior special offers i.e. WSO. Some of these are time-bound and some are active forever.

It’s easy to become an affiliate to promote WSOs, Basically, there is a process – first you have to register on Warrior forum. Then you will register on WSO Pro. Just set up your Paypal account there and start with hot selling products. You will find that each day there is an exciting offer for promotion. You will not need to go anywhere to find affiliate products to promote.

On WSO pro you can launch your own WSO, but for this you have to pay a fee. Basically there are two options

  1. WSO Pro Standard – $19 per WSO listing
  2. WSO Pro Advanced – No Listing Fee but charges as per sale (One time 3.9% of the WSO price + $0.10 per sale)

If you think your WSO is going to be hit then go for WSO Pro Standard as there you will have to pay once for your launch. If you want to try something then go for WSO Pro Advanced.

Here I will share a secret method which will end up your search to finding hot selling affiliate product. Warriorforum is where you will find hot selling products in Internet marketing niche. A

gain I mentioned Warrior forum is made for Internet Marketer. It will not work in other niches like health, insurance etc. Though there you can find valuable products which will help you to improve your online presence.

Basically WSO Pro is a sister site of WarriorForum where you can register yourself as an affiliate and even launch your own WSO. So if you have any product idea then you can test it on WSO Pro for a limited time and then can create a permanent affiliate product on ClickBank or Commission Junction.

I always focus on first trying the product myself and then promoting it to my list only if I found it valuable. Trust building with my list is my first priority. Promoting anything is not a good way for long term success. You have to focus on quality which is the key success factor to sustain in any business.


Following I summarize a few tips you should consider while promoting a product from Warrior forum.

  1. The best way of promoting is through email marketing as you just need to redirect the traffic to the ready-made best converting landing page of the product.
  2. Select Top WSOs to promote as these will convert best.
  3. Always try yourself before promoting a WSO, thus you will be promoting it confidently and will build trust in your followers.
  4. Always read comments form last page or inner pages of the WSO thread to check if it is worth enough to promote it.
  5. You can put banner ads on your site for the best converting WSOs.

Module 6: Follow My Top Secret Road map to be a Successful Internet Business Owner

I tried a lot of business model from affiliate marketing to Google AdSense. There are various business models on the Internet like affiliate marketing, AdSense, selling own products etc.

I have set up my business around all these models but the most fruitful and attractive business model is working with A2hosting which provides one of the best affiliate programs. I am actively involved in promoting this program and also using this hosting service for my websites.

Module 7: SEO – How to Get Free Targeted Traffic to Your Website (My Favorite Methods)

First of all, we required a website where we can launch our marketing campaigns. Our website is our main centre hub. But this is almost useless if nobody sees it. You required quality targeted traffic to become a successful online entrepreneur.

Here I will share my best strategies through which I got me all traffic. All these are my tested methods so take these serious and try to apply one by one.


I always prefer Google search for free traffic. Target Google to get the best-targeted traffic. SEO is not too tough to understand. We should l implement SEO strategies one by one. Sometimes we lose our way because of trying to do a lot of things at a time.


Your page content should be of high quality, real and unique. You should ensure if it is serving well to the end user i.e. if it is satisfying the expected query around which you write. Content is the king for a long term success. Always focus on publishing high-quality content if you want it to rank high in search engine.


Keywords are the food for search engine. Keywords are the words which are frequently searched on a search engine. Focus on to find some best keyword through Google keyword tool. Now Google keyword tool has been replaced by Google planner tool.

Though here I am to share my own working formula – Focus on to find the topic which is of your interest and you have deep knowledge about and it can help others if you will share it. Now just write the post portraying your knowledge, expertise, experience and guidance.

At least you should have deep knowledge of your topic. If you don’t have then study through the books and Internet and then start writing otherwise There is everything on the Internet, search on the topic you want to write on the Internet and you will be served with high-quality information. Now if you think you can provide more important and valuable information then definitely you should write it. Don’t care about keywords. Google is very smart and advanced today. Google can understand the purpose and the quality of your content and will give it a reward if it is really worth for target audience. Though there various paid keyword tools in the market which really can help you to attract more traffic.

Never try to write for a search engine, just write for your readers. If you will focus on writing quality content then automatically you will get traffic from long-tail keywords. Google understands synonyms and has a vast database, so today there is really no need to focus on specific phrases.

Though there are few places where you should use and where you should avoid

  • Use keyword in your title
  • Use keyword in your Meta tags
  • Don’t use unnecessarily your keyword in your content. If it fits naturally then it’s fine.

Permalink - Page Url Structure

Use the main keyword in your permalink but ensure that your permalink (post/page URL) has maximum 4 to 5 words. It is best practice to make permalink short and meaningful.

Read this interview with Google engineer – Matt Cuts where he explains why your post URL (slug) should not be lengthy and how it should be named.

Below are the words from this interview on how you should name your post url

If you can make your title four- or five-words long – and it is pretty natural. If you have got a three, four or five words in your URL, that can be perfectly normal. As it gets a little longer, then it starts to look a little worse. Now, our algorithms typically will just weight those words less and just not give you as much credit.

The thing to be aware of is, ask yourself: “How does this look to a regular user?” – because if, at any time, somebody comes to your page or, maybe, a competitor does a search and finds 15 words all strung together like variants of the same word, then that does look like spam, and they often will send a spam report. Then somebody will go and check that out.

The best permalink structure is domain-name.com/post-name/ which I am also using on my blog. You can see that my page url has only three words – start online business.

Images with alt and title tag

Images also plays vital role or better ranking. Always put a related keyword you your image alt tag. It will serve like your anchor text for your text links. So it’s highly recommended to use images with proper alt and title tag.

Internal Link & External Links

Internal links (internal inbound links) refers to the links between pages/posts of same domain. Internal linking plays a key role as these links establish your website an authority website which has all related information laid out in user friendly and easily accessible way.

External links (external inbound links) are those links where your page is linked from the different domains. These are extremely useful links for your website and pages to get a good rank to appear on the first page of a search engine.


It basically refers to external inbound links. Getting links from other website is quite a cumbersome task. Building top-quality content is the key because it is the quality content which will force people to share your content on their site/social platform like Facebook/Twitter.

Everybody wants killer content, so first priority should be to create unique high-quality content which should help the end-user/community. Though following are few techniques through which you can create backlinks for your web pages. For example, the link my best strategy to earn passive income is a back-link to the https://instaraja.com website’s homepage.

Social Bookmarking

Bookmark your site on at least 10 to 15 social bookmarking sites. Hence you will get some valuable backlinks. You can also outsource this work on Fiver. Following are top 10 social bookmarking sites …

  1. Twitter
  2. Pinterest
  3. StumbleUpon
  4. Reddit
  5. Delicious
  6. Digg
  7. Tweetmeme
  8. Newsvine
  9. Scoop.it
  10. Friendfeed

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is the best way to create quality backlinks. But don’t try to spam. Read the post thoroughly where you want to make a comment and then post your comment with your name, website and email address. If you write thoughtful comment then it will definitely be approved.

Getting High Quality Relevant Back links

Getting links from the same niche websites are called high-quality backlinks. These links represent you as an expert in your niche and so your website will rank high. The example of a relevant backlink is how to make passive income? for https://instaraja.com website as the websites are in the same niche.

You can search on the Internet for the keywords and then found the related forums where you can post your comments on the running threads. Create your profile on these forums and link back to your website and the related post. Thus you will get some high-quality backlinks.

Article Directories

This is my favourite method of getting back link. Here you have to create articles for your website and then publish on these sites. These sites will allow you to put your website link and your post link in the author box. This is time-consuming as you have to write quality content for these sites otherwise it may not be approved. You can also spin content for these sites. But I always give preference to unique content.

Few Top Article directories are…

  • Ezine Articles
  • Go Articles
  • Article Blast
  • Article Alley

Press Release

Write a press release, a small article highly related to your website’s content, and submit it to a press release site. I just submit my press release to SBwire.com. You can also outsource it on Fiver.


Though all the above steps are crucial in link building the most fruitful would be blog commenting and submitting articles on article directories and Web 2.0 Sites like Blogger, WordPress, Squidoo, Hub Pages.

Module 8: Recommended Tools and Resources

Here I will share few tools and resources which are crucial for any online business and I am also using these.

Module 9: Most Profitable Niches for Doing Business Online

There are various profitable niches where you can start your online business. Here I share my knowledge and experience to start an online business focusing on Internet marketing niche. Though the same techniques and practices can be followed in any niches. Internet marketing is a very competitive niche and demands a high level of expertise. So it’s really important how you should start?

Start with a niche where you have some knowledge and expertise. If you try to find anything on the Internet, you will find a lot of information there. Now if you can also add value to the existing information then there is a place for you also. Some profitable niches are health, medicines, fitness, insurance, finance etc. Check this profitable niche ideas list.